Innovative sale-leaseback real estate opportunities in saltwater disposal

Injection Partners LP provides innovative sale-leaseback real estate opportunities in the saltwater disposal segment of the industry. Water disposal is an “essential service” as it is the last component of production prior to marketing the hydrocarbons.  While the industry is thriving, very little institutional capital is focused on providing real estate solutions for this unique asset class.  Our Partnership’s management experience, developed over many years of intimate involvement many aspects of the energy industry, allows the Injection Partners team to truly be able to understand how specific industry dynamics translate into uniquely different facility needs for each and every operator client.

This insight has allowed Injection Partners the opportunity to achieve the following:

  • Provide user-specific real estate development and financing.
  • Invest capital in long-term real estate yield-producing opportunities.
  • Generate potentially high current distributions with a low-moderate risk profile.

Environmentally responsible saltwater disposal

Our saltwater disposal facilities are committed to providing environmentally responsible saltwater disposal services to operators throughout our core areas of operations. The saltwater disposal industry has been traditionally a “mom and pop” business where resources beyond day-to-day operations have been limited.

Through Injection Partners’ innovative sale-leaseback strategy, our SWD facilities enjoy an infusion of much-needed capital that will be used to improve and expand operations with a firm dedication to achieving utmost environmental safety.

Capital improvements include installing state-of-the-art equipment for separating oil and water and eventually recycling the water as the technology becomes available.

Learn more about our real estate sale-leaseback strategy that purchases existing saltwater disposal facilities with existing cash flow in rapidly expanding markets that have opportunity for significant revenue growth.


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